Who can participate?

The scheme is open to all members of the BFA and all retailers who purchase footwear from BFA members. We take on trainees from all departments including Marketing, Buying, Merchandising, Design and Supply Chain.

When does the scheme run?

The scheme generally runs from September/October through to the following summer although candidates can join the scheme at any time. Please see the Training Modules and Dates page for more details.

Who Pays?

The scheme is funded by the candidates employer. The cost of developing and administrating the course comes from funds provided by the BFA Training Development Trust and the Cordwainers Livery Company.

Do candidates have to complete the full course?

Candidates do not have to complete every module of the syllabus but can pick and chose as required. However, only candidates who complete the full course will receive the BFA Certificate.

Do candidates take exams for the course?

Level 1 Foundation course in Footwear Technology is a non-examination course. Candidates achieve Level 1 and obtain he certificate by completing the whole syllabus, either via documented in-house training, or by a combination of both. Supporting documentation and feedback forms must also be completed by the candidate where required.


If you have any further questions please send us an e-mail here.