BFA Associate Partners



Exhibition Stand Construction

Leyshon Limited is the BFA’s recommended company for innovative and cost effective stand building for all overseas and UK events


Exhibition Transport

D.A.H. Transport has a track record in delivering samples and show materials to exhibitions around the world


Sourcing of Product

The BFA works with a number of experts who between them know manufacturers in the Far East, India, Brazil and

Eastern and Southern Europe. Contact us on for further details.


Financial Advice

Companies need support from time to time on preparation of accounts, fund raising, presentations to banks and general sorting out of financial problems but often do not have the resource to do so,

The BFA has partnered with three freelance senior financial specialists who know the industry and can offer short term help in all these areas


Direct Marketing

The fastest growing sales distribution channel is e-commerce and direct selling and the BFA has access to a panel of industry leaders who know how to maximize the opportunities in this crucial area.


UK Sales Agents

One of the hardest tasks facing early stage companies is finding the right sales agents or distributors and nowhere is this more the case than in this country. The BFA has researched the market and has a small portfolio of names that they are happy to recommend to its members.


Legal Advice

Full members are entitled to take advantage of Croner Services but there is also the facility to get information on:

Agents contracts – UK and abroad

Intellectual Property and counterfeiting

Commercial disputes


The BFA also works with two of the best legal companies with a depth of knowledge of the fashion industry.