The BFA Training Support Programme

Any full BFA member can apply for financial assistance to pay for training projects.

The successful ones will receive appropriate and significant financial support which will at least match funding from the company. The money will come from the BFA Development Trust, an organisation separate from the main BFA structure and not funded by it.

The training could cover any job function, at any level and could apply to both existing employees and new recruits. Costs to be covered could include off the job ‘formal’ training or the cost of in-house training and mentoring activity.

To date over 26 companies have made use of this facility.

Below are some testimonials from companies that have benefited from the programme:


“Having the grants available has allowed us to implement essential training where necessary and where we wouldn’t have previously had budgets funds.
The training programmes have provided our staff with the knowledge and confidence required to carry out their role more effectively.
Our commitment to their skills has resulted in happier more productive and loyal staff.”

- Major Importer & Brand House

“We have used the BFA training support programme on several occasions. One programme has been particularly successful. We approached the Training Support Programme with a particular need – to restructure our own databases to move them onto the next level in our growth cycle. This was specialist training which we sourced. We explained to the BFA the need for the training and the benefits we expected. All expectations have been exceeded and we are grateful for the BFA to allow us to present an “unconventional” training programme. The results have been extraordinary – thank you”

- One of Britain’s Premier Comfort Brands

More details can be obtained by emailing: